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last updated Sept. 23, 2014

  11th USOMA Nationals

I-35 Speedway  Winston, MO

Oct 10th & 11th 2014

Car and Engine Rules 

 1 1/4" X .095” wall Chromoly tubing roll cage minimum

Upright frame only  Feet must be behind the motor plate/firewall

13” Wheels/Tires

16 sq ft wing maximum

Wheelbase 65” minimum / 74” maximum

No oxygen enhancing fuels or additives

Minimum car/driver weight  940 lbs  (1001cc and smaller engines)

Minimum car/driver weight 1050 lbs (engines larger than 1001 cc up to 1206cc)

Added weight must be securely fastened to the chassis (bolted is recommend)

Fuel cell/drag type allowed.  If you have a midget or micro tank you must have a bladder.

Cockpit adjustable wings are allowed.

No cockpit adjustable suspension systems allowed (removable of adjustment knobs allowed)

Engine rules:

4 cycle production motorcycle engine (Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki) not to exceed 1205cc.  Fuel injection or carburation allowed.  Alcohol or gasoline fuel allowed   no nitro or nitrous oxide.  Dry sump system allowed.  ZX 12 engines allowed.  Center line of engine to center line of chassis may be offset no more than 6”.  All engines must be self-starting and be capable of taking off with a clutch anywhere in the pits or on the track.  Year 2000 and newer 1000cc engines: must remain stock bore and stroke (1mm overbore allowed to repair a cylinder). No porting or polishing of the head.   Compression must be no more than 240 lbs. Drivers/owners must have spec sheets on their year and make of engine with them for tech purpose.  Cylinder head, crankcase and ECU must be stock appearing. Non-performance enhancing rods (no alum, titanium or lightened rods) and pistons allowed.

 No electronic 2 way communication with race car.

Raceceivers are mandatory.

Fuel, Weight & Displacement will be checked! 


5 point 3” wide seat belt and shoulder harness required.  Arm restraints, and Neck collar are required.  If you have a head and neck restraint system Highly recommended) Neck collar is not required if you have a head and neck restraint.

Full containment Safety seat is highly recommended

Full face helmet, minimum 2 layer fire resistant driving uniform highly recommended

Fire resistant gloves highly recommended.

Racing Rules & Procedures

Friday Night – Oct. 10, 2014

Based on 40 cars – will be adjusted accordingly for less than/more than 40

5 – 8 car heats: Line ups determined by “Pill Draw”. Finish position awarded points + passing points

Top 32 (thirty two) in overall points transfer to one of 4 (four) Qualifiers, remaining 8 (eight) to Last Chance Race

Last Chance Race – Lowest 8 (eight) in points, first 4 (four) finishers move on to 1 (one) of 4 (four) Qualifiers (1st place to last starting spot in # 1 Qualifier, 2nd place to last starting spot in # 2 Qualifier, etc.)

4 Qualifiers – Top 32 (thirty two) assigned to 1 (one) of 4 (four) Qualifiers based on overall accumulated points (determined by heat points + passing points), lined up “heads up”.  Points awarded for finishing position + passing points

Friday Night Payout -- Top 24 (twenty four) in overall accumulated points (heat races + qualifiers); 1st - $ 500; 2nd - $ 300; 3rd - $ 250; 14th - 24th - $ 50.

Top 8 (eight) overall accumulated points finishers to “A” Scramble on Sat. Everyone else will qualify for Saturdays program through “C” & “B” Features.


Saturday Night – Oct. 11, 2014

“C” Feature (10 laps) – Overall points # 32 - # 40 (bottom 8) lined up according to incoming overall points – top 4 (four) “C’ Feature finishers will transfer to tail of “B” Features.

“A” Scramble (8 laps) – Top 8 (eight) overall point’s leaders from Fri. night to participate in 8 lap “Scramble” to determine first 8 starting positions for “A” Feature – top points competitor to draw “pill” for # of cars to be inverted.

“B” Features (15 laps)– Friday Qualifier Overall points # 9 - # 24 split into 2 (two) “B” Features – plus 4 (four) “C” transfers – 2 ea. “B”.  Odd numbers (# 9, 11, 13, etc.) in 1st “B”, Even numbers (# 10, 12, 14 etc.) in 2nd “B”, # 1 and 3 from “C” into 1st “B”, # 2 and 4 into 2nd “B”.  Top 6 (six) from each “B” Feature transfer to “A” Feature

“A” Feature (30 laps) – “A” Scramble cars lined up according to Scramble finish at head of field. Remainder of field is lined up according to “B” Feature finish, 1st “B” lined up “heads up” on inside row, 2nd “B” lined up “heads up” on out side row.

Top 5 (five) finishing cars must report immediately to impound area for technical inspection (winner allowed to receive awards and then report).

“A” Feature 1st place $2000, 2nd place $1500, 3rd place $1200 4th place $1000…..10th thru 24th $200


Saturday the 11th -- We will use the 4 Abreast Parade Lap for the "A-Main".  Line up procedure; Odd number rows 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 the inside cars will pull to the lower inside, the outside cars will pull to the higher outside.  Even number rows 2, 4, 6, etc. will just pull forward between the two cars in the row ahead of them.  The top 3 finishing cars in the "A" will stop on the front stretch for the trophy presentation.

Points Structure

  Finishing Position
















Points Awarded
















Passing Points

1 car @ 1 1/2 = 1 1/2 pts.

 2 cars @ 1 1/2 pts. = 3 pts.

 3 cars @ 1 1/2 pts. = 4 1/2 pts.

 4 cars @ 1 1/2 pts. = 6 pts.

 5 cars @ 1 1/2 pts. = 7 1/2 pts.

 6 cars @ 1 1/2 pts. = 9 pts.

 7 cars @ 1 1/2 pts. = 10 1/2 pts.

8 cars @ 1 1/2 pts. = 12 pts.

9 cars @ 1 1/2 pts. = 13 1/2 pts.

10 cars @ 1 1/2 pts. = 15 pts.

11 cars @1 1/2 pts. = 16 1/2 pts.

12 cars @ 1 1/2 pts. = 18 pts.

13 cars @1 1/2 pts. = 19 1/2 pts.

14 cars @ 1 1/2 pts. = 21 pts.

15 cars @1 1/2 pts. = 22 1/2 pts.  


Races will start coming off of turn 4.  Anyone caught jumping the start (flagman's discretion), will be penalized two spots in the final scoring.  Restarts will be from the orange cone on the front straight-away.  You DO NOT PASS until you have passed the orange cone, STAY IN LINE!  DO NOT HIT OR GO UNDER THE ORANGE CONE, if you do, you will be disqualified.

The blue flag with a yellow diagonal stripe is the move over flag for lapped cars.  If you are being overtaken by the leaders you will be given this flag, we request that you maintain your racing line, but respect the racing line of the leaders as you are being passed.

If you stop on a yellow flag, or you cause the yellow flag, you will be started at the rear of the field on the restart. The two (2) spin rule is in effect.  If you spin out twice, causing a yellow flag, you will be flagged to go into the pits.  If you go into the pits DURING your event, you will NOT be allowed to re-enter the race track.

Cars may be worked on during a red flag condition, at the top of the 2nd corner ONLY!  If you change tires (ANY) during a red flag, YOU WILL RESTART AT THE REAR OF THE FIELD.

If there is an unusual amount of yellow flag laps without a red during the 30 lap A-Main, will will stop the race for refueling ONLY.  You will not be allowed to do anything else on the car.

Cars will be teched at a specific location within the pit area (impound area will be roped off).  The TOP 10 cars must go directly to the impound area (if you are in doubt, stop at the impound area). The TOP 5 cars of the A feature will be weighed and fuel sample drawn.  The top 5 cars will draw to see which one (or two) gets a COMPLETE inspection.  If one of the top 5 is DQ'd for any reason, the next place car will be teched for the 5th place, etc.  The roped off area will be limited to the Tech. Inspectors, Association Officials, and the Driver/Owner ONLY!  Weight is 725 lbs. minimum, without the driver (+/- 2 lb. buffer for scale accuracy).  Fuel is gasoline or alcohol only (NO oxygen enhancing fuels or fuel additives).  Displacement is 1205cc maximum.  Each will be informed as you come off of the track, as to which ones will GO DIRECTLY TO THE TECH AREA. DO NOT GO TO YOUR PIT AREA.  If you go on INTO or THROUGH the pit area you will be disqualified.  If you are not certain as to where you placed as you come off of the track, stay at the tech area.  If you are told to go to the tech area, and do not, you will be disqualified.

ROUGH DRIVING & FIGHTING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AND WILL RESULT IN AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION,  and you will not receive a refund. A professional attitude is a must. Arguing and cursing at the officials WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.  You will forfeit your winnings for the event.  The scorekeepers final tally is official.  Payoff will be held after the total tech inspection is completed at the black Rod End Supply trailer.  Your social security number WILL be required to receive any payoff.


The "link" for mini sprint racers


For more information about USOMA call: Bob Douglas 913-522-5378

or email: bobdouglasmls@rodendsupply.com

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